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Let's go hiking with dad, we might learn something. The Portuguese countryside is sure to heal any soul

➤ Go ahead, just snap some photos

Hugo is looking to escape from the woes of daily life. It's not easy growing up. Thankfully though, dad takes him hiking regularly. Walking around Louzan's hills is sure to clear Hugo's head and dad is there to fill it right back up with some wisdom.

Father and Son sow the seeds of the once and future sense of nostalgia. A fulfilling yet brief respite from all the noise, the exhaust, the burden of the modern age.
It's just us...the water...the wind. Take your time.

  • Find the various treasures hidden amongst the greenery.  

  • Look towards the places off the beaten path to unveil the story of Hugo and his father.

  • Photograph at your own pace, the historical and geographical marvels of Lousã, Portugal.

  • Experience a relaxing original soundtrack by Vincent Salgueiro that goes along with your progress.

Lousã is compatible with most computer keyboards and gamepadsIt was developed by Rio Studios for a college project. Any generous contributions will go right towards making our future games more awesome!

➛Diogo Cardoso (Game Designer)- Linkedin

➛Diogo Frazão (Programmer)- Linkedin

➛Diogo Sousa (Environment & VFX Artist) - Linkedin

➛Eduardo Freitas (Lead Game Designer & Writer)- Linkedin

➛Rodrigo Fitas (Concept & Character Artist)- Linkedin

➛Vincent Salgueiro (Music & Sound Designer)- Twitter

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Pretty tight little game! Not only does it have its own style, but you guys also managed to pull off a convincing atmosphere. All in all, it completely delivers what it sets out to do, and in a pretty flawless way at that.

Despite the amount of care that was clearly put into the game though, as well as all its attention to detail and polish, there are some visual and audio oddities once in a while, but nothing game-breaking. That said, after a while, the boy started freezing after taking the first picture in the upmost spot, which led me to an hard reset of the game, but other than that, the game is spot-on! Good job guys!

9.4/10 GREAT